Return Policy

Reclamation and Return Policy

Internet shop Poznanje operate in accordance with laws of the Republic of Serbia and respect the rights of the buyer.

There are two basic types of reclamation and returns of goods:

1. Reclamation on receiving goods in case of:

The package being open, damaged, non-complete or does not correspond to the specification of the receipt accompanying it (this has to be understood on the spot , check the goods in front of the delivery person and make an instant notice ) . If you report an irregularity or shortage of the goods after the delivery person has left the place of delivery , the reclamation will not be accepted.

2. Reclamation on the basis of functional regularity of the product

In this case , you inform us via e-mail or phone about the kind of a functional shortage in question . Please provide us with a detailed description , and , if possible, a photo of the damaged product which you can send to our e-mail address

Reclamation on the basis of functional regularity of products will be accepted only if the goods in question are returned complete, undamaged and in their original packaging ..
Delivery costs for the reclaimed goods are on the buyer .
After functional irregularity has been established, in agreement with our reclamation service , we will replace your goods or return the money in case we do not happen to have the product you purchased .

The deadline for establishing authenticity of the goods the buyer has stated when making a return , their replacement or refundation of money is 15 working days from the day the returned goods are received .

We obtain the full right to change the prices of products. If you have ordered goods at one price, and payed them so, if these items happen to get on sale after that, you have no right to a refund .

For any further questions regarding reclamation and return of goods, feel free to contact us via e-mail

Refund if the goods are paid for with credit cards

In the case of returning the goods and refund the buyer who has previously paid width some of debit cards, in part or in its entirety, regardless of the reason for the return, internet shop Poznanje is obliged to return funds solely via VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment method, it means that the bank will request the seller to do a refund to the credit card.